What Causes A Burning Sensation After Urination?

I have been having a burning sensation after urinating. It has been coming and going for almost three weeks now. I plan to visit a gynecologist. Please provide me with possible reasons for this problem so that I can discuss them with my doctor.

Good for you for seeing a doctor, but do not wait any longer to make the call. Quite a few things can cause pain and burning upon urination, including urinary tract infections (UTIs), vaginal infections, sexually transmitted diseases, medication side effects, even a tumor in the bladder.

Please see your doctor for more information on possible causes. You can expect that your healthcare provider will examine you, ask a series of questions about the problem and have you give a urine sample for a urinalysis.

UTIs are the most common cause of urinary discomfort. Millions of Americans, especially women, suffer from UTIs each year. The government says UTIs prompt nearly 10 million doctor’s visits a year. Treatment usually involves antibiotics.

For some women, single-dose antibiotic therapy may be available. Many women also find that drinking lots of water and drinking cranberry juice are helpful in dealing with the symptoms.

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